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Ujhegy 89, 2091

  • Type 2 (22kW): Biatorbagy, Nimrod Utca, 2051 (10.4km / 18 min)


Located in Etyek, the wine region closest to the capital (the vineyards of Budapest), this second-generation family-owned winery has been in operation for 25 years. Their vineyards have been certified organic since 2015 and have been cultivated organically for a decade. Visiting Rokusfalvy is a great chance to experience white, red, and dynamically developed sparkling wines all based on grape varieties typical of this wine region. Enjoy a tasting and a tour of the vineyard or head up to their restaurant recommended by Michelin Guide, Rókusfalvy Inn, for some homestyle flavours.

The Etyek region is also particularly great for those in search of a sporty vacation with many cycling routes and hiking trails.

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