The Hobo Hotel

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, Norrmalm, Stockholm

  • 3.7 kW Type 2: Hamngatan 37, 111 53 Stockholm, Sweden


Looking for an urban travel experience like no other? Then this boutique hotel is the one for you. Centrally located, fuss-free and oh-so Scandinavian, it’ll give you a unique base from which to discover Stockholm. There’s plenty to stay in for as well, with the hotel regularly hosting local artists and start-ups. 

HOBO also has all the cred it needs to be part of your sustainable travels – from its housekeeping practices that save more than 100,000 litres each year to the bike hire services that give you a greener way to explore the neighbourhood. Oh, and the kitchens work with nothing but the best locally sourced, seasonal produce. It’s probably the only place you’ll find breakfast ingredients recycled to make a cocktail-hour special. How you ask? Try the “Cereal Killer” when you make this pit stop! 

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