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Kasárna Karlín

Prvního pluku 20/2, 186 00 Karlín, Czechia

  • Type 2 (22kW): Sokolovska 11 (950m / 4 min)


Kasárna Karlín (also known as the Karlín Barracks) is a hip cultural meeting spot located close to the heart of Prague. Led by a team of passionate volunteers and collaborators, Kasarna prides itself on being free of ‘visual clutter’ with its no-ads policy. It features a coffee shop, a cinema, a sand pit, a gallery, a campfire pit and a bar with a club (is that all…). It’s a lively place to visit for anyone looking for a truly unique local experience.

Kasarna is also a site that’s conscious of its impact on the local environment. No doubt you’ll find its waste-sorting and recycling practices a little more rigorous than most…

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