Area of natural beauty

Cala Biriala

08040 Baunei, Province of Nuoro, Italy

  • Type 2 22kW: Viale Colombo, 08022 Cala Gonone NU, Italy (70.4km / 1 hour 49-min)


Tucked away along the Gulf of Orosei on the east coast of the island, Cala Birìala beach offers ample opportunities for relaxation and adventure to weary travellers. The crystal-clear waters provide an ideal setting for scuba diving and snorkelling, allowing you to explore the vibrant underwater world. The beach’s unique location nestled between the enchanting forests of Birìala and Bilariccoro presents an exciting opportunity for adventurous explorers to embark on a trek to reach the beach. Whether you seek tranquillity or thrilling experiences, Cala Birìala beach has something for everyone to enjoy.

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